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Santa Maria Style Grilling.

Nothing brings people together for good times and good food quite like Santa Maria style. Whether you're cooking or spectating, the ultimate grilling experience takes place around the open fire. Inspired by traditional live-fire cooking, Hooray grills feature adjustable grill grates over an open oak barbecue pit. The concept is simple. The experience is unforgettable. Hooray grills never fail to captivate and entertain. That's why we build each one to deliver a lifetime of memorable cookouts.

Santa Maria Book

Santa Maria style goes back to the 1800s and is named after California's Santa Maria Valley. After successful cattle drives, ranchers often hosted cookouts for cowboys and neighbors. They created barbecue pits by digging trenches and filling them with native red oak. Sirloin steaks were placed on skewers or grates made of branches, then slow-roasted over the coals. The open air fueled the fire. The aroma carried far. In true Santa Maria style, Hooray grills entertain the senses and bring the spirit of celebration to the modern backyard.

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