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For Eric and Wendy Dunn, every day is an opportunity to get out there and create the best life. That’s where Hooray got its name — from a family tradition of gathering together and cooking out often. Hooray for good times. Hooray for good people.

“We designed our grill to rekindle the art of cooking out and spending time together.


After years of entertaining guests at their former ranch, Eric and Wendy realized they needed a grill that could accommodate their growing circle of family and friends. They discovered Santa Maria style and made it their own.

The first Hooray grill was built in 2008 and became the center of attention at every cookout. Nobody had seen anything like it. After developing numerous prototypes — each one improving on the last — the Dunns created the ultimate open-fire cooking experience. And you’re invited.

Join the party. Light the fire.

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