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Removable lid Built-in storage

Higher efficiency burning Up to 700 F

Charcoal grate Elevated and removable

7-gauge steel Tuning plates

How it Started

The Smokebox™ is much more than a co-branded grill. Brandon Hurtado, owner of Hurtado BBQ, worked directly with Hooray Grill to develop and conceptualize the Smokebox™. Brandon is known locally in Arlington, Texas for pushing the boundaries on Texas Barbecue, and built the Smokebox out of his own need for a grill that does it all.

Smokebox™ Features

Air-Tight Fire Box

The Hurtado Smokebox™ holds heat unlike any other grill. The semi-insulated firebox keeps the temperature regulated so that you can focus on cooking instead of feeding the fire.

Smoke or Sear

Brisket, ribs, chicken, burgers, steaks... Cook practically anything on the Smokebox. Perfect for tournament-style grilling or feeding the entire family.

Tuning Plates

Our 7-gauge steel tuning plates allow you to direct the heat like never before. Even out the heat distribution and get perfection every time on steaks and more.

Hurtado Smokebox
by Hooray Grill Co.



Brandon Hurtado might have only started Hurtado Barbecue in 2018, but he’s easily the fastest-growing and most innovative name in Texas BBQ. He’s even the official BBQ restaurant of the Texas Rangers and Globe Life Field.

Hooray’s Hurtado Smokebox™ gives you the opportunity to experience legendary Hurtado Barbecue at home. With versatile heat deflectors, our smokebox offers conventional smoking, open-fire or closed-lid grilling, and rotisserie cooking.

The Hurtado Smokebox™ is now available and ready to ship!

  • Attachments – An optional rotisserie kit, fold-down side tables, and a second grill shelf will all be available in the next few months. (An additional grill shelf is included at no charge to pre-order customers).
  • Shipping Cost – The estimated shipping cost to ship the grill directly to a residence in Texas will be $250.


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Raw Steel Finish ($2,250), High Temperature Black With Stainless Accent Finish ($2,750)

U.S. Made

Standard Features

  • Semi-insulated firebox
  • 7-gauge steel tuning plates
  • Elevated, removable charcoal grate for higher efficiency burning
  • Removable lid with built-in storage
  • Full swivel, locking 4" casters
  • Fully-gasketed firebox door and smokebox lid
Hurtado Smokebox™
Hurtado Smokebox
  • Height: 56"
  • Width: 40"
  • Depth: 27"
  • Main Cooking Surface: 390 square inches
  • Additional Top Rack: 225 square inches
  • Weight: 265 lbs

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We’ve really enjoyed our Hooray Grill. It’s become the talk of the neighborhood. “When are you cooking again? What’s next on the grill? It’s so versatile, we’ve cooked vegetables, fish, pork and beef. It really becomes the centerpiece of a get together. We just added a second Hooray Grill to our Florida home.


We were first introduced to the Hooray Grill on a trip to Hooray Ranch in South Central KS. After watching the staff cook most of our meals on this cooker, we quickly fell in love with it. I took a trip to Wichita KS to visit the manufacturing facility and found it second to none. We purchased our grill 2 years ago and have used it for numerous company functions and family gatherings. Nathan and his staff have continued to add accessories that make sense. We added a cutting board and cover for our cooker this year. We expect this to last the rest of our lifetime.

Jed D.

The rotisserie has to be the best on the market and the stainless grates with it’s one hand geared turn style make this grill so easy to operate.


I just received my Santa Maria grill from Hooray Grill Co. I’ve owned several very nice grills in my lifetime but never owned one that was built like this grill . The quality and workmanship that went into this grill is unbelievable it’s absolutely first class in every way from the build to the creating and shipping . The owners were awesome and everything they said is 100% TRUE made in America 200% quality workmanship. If your looking for a wood fired grill look no further Hooray Grill Co are your guys. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT THAT I WILL ENJOY COOKING ON FOR MANY YEARS.

George Crosthwait

This grill is fantastic, so much fun to cook on. I look forward to going home and start cooking!!! This grill is made better than my truck!

Bob Little

Amazed at the quality of the grill! Ordering and shipping was a breeze and the cooking experience is unbelievable! You won’t be disappointed with a Hooray grill!!

Henley Construction

Hooray Grills aren’t just about cooking great food on open fire with the best grill built. It’s about the experience of hanging out with family and friends creating great food.

Tony Carder

I could not be happier. I love everything about this grill. Sure, the price is steep but I do not regret it one bit. It was 100% worth it. The customer service was as good as it gets. Nathan with Hooray (is actually in several of their YouTube videos), personally texted me and thanked me for the order as well as sent pics of it all packaged up and ready for shipping. They also sent extra goodies with the grill which was a nice touch! They are as advertised and I love it! If you are on the fence I give it a 2 thumbs up! Take the chance, you won’t regret it!

Rusty Herring

Great people building a great product tight here in America! Go buy a cheap grill and replace it every couple years or buy one that’s made to last in Kansas USA….

Bart Corrington